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  • Wordless- First Day of School in Vancouver

    School is back in session in BC! (We were delayed with a strike). Here are photos from Bean’s first day of school!

    Big smiles (with missing front teeth) for the first day of school!

    Big smiles (with missing front teeth) for the first day of school!

    ven though it wasn't Turtle's first day of school, he was still so happy to see all of the excitement going on around him.

    ven though it wasn’t Turtle’s first day of school, he was still so happy to see all of the excitement going on around him.

    First day of school 2013 and 2014

    First day of school 2013 and 2014

    We hope that your first day back at school (whenever it happened) was filled with just as many smiles and happy memories as ours! Follow Sew Creative on Instagram to keep up to date with what is going on in our lives

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    Easy Peasy Peaches Canning Recipe Perfect For Beginners

    Easy Peasy Peaches Canning Recipe perfect for the beginner canner It’s hard to believe that my whole foray into canning only started a month ago. I took a food preservation class at my local community centre and after years of wanting to start canning I was hooked. I think I really just needed someone to tell me how easy it was and that I wasn’t going to kill anyone if I did it wrong. In one month I have canned over 60 jars of food. Peaches (20 pounds), Spicy Pickled Carrots (6 pounds), Bread and Butter Pickles (10 pounds), Dill Pickles (15 pounds), Pickled Beets (10 pounds), Field Tomatoes (20 pounds) and Roma Tomatoes (40 pounds). 

    I think that The Hubs thinks I’m a little bit crazy. Last week he sighed a BIG sigh of relief when I loaned my canning equipment to my friend Karen. I told him that I’m done canning for about a month and then I’m going to can some of my Crockpot Applesauce

    Canning is a great way to preserve flavors from the summer. I buy all of my summer produce at a local family farmer’s stand. When I buy in bulk I save. If you don’t see signs around your farmer’s stand about buying in bulk, make sure you ask. 

    Canned peaches were the first canning recipe that I tackled when I came home from my food preservation class. The day after the class I bought a 20 pound box of peaches and got to it. Peach season is going to be coming to an end in the next couple of weeks, so grab this last chance for the year and can yourself some peaches! Trust me, if I can do it… you can too. (more…)

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    DIY Paper Wedding Bouquet and Matching Flower Girl Barrettes- Cricut Design Space Star Challenge

    I have to try making this on my Cricut Explore for my Wedding! DIY Paper Bridal Bouquet and Matching Flower Girl Barrettes I love weddings. There is something so magical about witnessing two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives and celebrating their love. As much as I love weddings, I don’t like attending weddings as a guest. I have some weird, social phobias and I much prefer attending weddings when I have a task. I’d much rather be put to work and have a job during a wedding than sitting down, making conversation and partying it up. Give me a job people! For a few years, before I had kids, I owned my own wedding planning company and The Hubs and I would do “day of coordination” for couples. Being in the wedding business became difficult once we decided to have kids (too many evenings and weekends away) but I often think back about the weddings I organized and the brides and grooms I met with fondness. I’ve been asked to put on my “Wedding Coordinator Hat” again by my younger sister. She and her fiance are getting married next summer. “Sisser” doesn’t enjoy DIY or the little details that go into a wedding the way I do, so she has given me creative reign for her wedding. (more…)

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    Cast Iron Skillet Peach Puff Pancake Recipe

    Cast Iron Skillet Peach Puff Pancake Recipe a delicious summer and fall breakfast treat, perfect for brunch entertaining

    I love this time of year. Summer has always been my favorite time of the year, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a bit less tolerant of the heat. I love late summer and early fall because the weather is still beautiful, but the temperature seems to cool down a bit (bye bye noisy AC). Something else that I love about this time of the year is the wonderful produce that comes from the Okanagan. Specifically, the GORGEOUS peaches. My kiddos love peaches (I just canned 20 pounds of them to get us through the winter and spring) and at this time of the year we always have a big bowl of peaches on the counter.

    Usually we just wash and slice them and eat them plain, occasionally we grill them on the BBQ and serve them hot and caramelized with a bit of french vanilla ice cream, but last weekend The Hubs told me that he wanted to try something new with them for breakfast, so I decided to experiment making a peach puff pancake.

    My first attempt was delicious… but the texture was all wrong. My second attempt was delicious in taste and texture… the kids and The Hubs gobbled it up and gave it the Sew Creative seal of approval so I’m bringing it to you.

    The peaches in the recipe get warm and release their juices, mixing with the brown sugar to create a delicious syrup for the pancake. I hope you like it! (more…)

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    (Mostly) Wordless- Fun at Hopcott’s Meadows Maze
    Sew Creative Trip to Meadows Maze

    A few weeks ago, over Labor Day weekend, my good friend Heather (the blogger behind Mother Your Business) invited the kids and I to join her and her family to Hopcott’s Meadows Maze. The Hubs and I took the kids … Continue reading

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    Be Awesome Link Party Week 13
    Be Awesome Link Party Week 13 Featured Pics

    Hello Monday everyone! I hope you had a great week! I think it is safe to say that Fall is here with cooler temperatures and leaves starting to drop. You might remember that last Monday, my city got a little snow … Continue reading

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    Favorite Things Friday: Dreaming of My Dream Kitchen as a #TestDriveMoms
    Dreaming of A New Kitchen Frigidaire Test Drive Moms

    Do you have a room in your house that you hate? A room that you try to ignore as much as possible because it kills you that this atrocity lives in your house? For me, that room is our kitchen. … Continue reading

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    Spicy Pickled Carrots Canning Recipe + 4 Other Canning Recipes from Canadian Food Bloggers
    Spicy Pickled Carrots Canning Recipe. Canning with Crystal from Sew Creative

    Pickled carrots… have you had them before? They are SO GOOD and so simple to make. Best of all, since carrots are readily available 12 months out of the year, you can always whip up a new batch when you … Continue reading

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    Canning 101- Tips and Tricks to Get You Started Canning Today
    Canning 101 with Crystal

    Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, you might have noticed that my past two weeks have been CONSUMED by canning. I’ve been thinking about it morning, noon and night. Every summer my family and I frequent a … Continue reading

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    Meeting Inspiring Women at Leading Moms
    Leading Moms Speakers poster

    One of my favorite things about being a blogger is the incredible women I get to meet on a consistent basis, many of whom are mothers. I’ve been profoundly changed with the birth of each of my children. The birth … Continue reading

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    Be Awesome Link Party- Week 12
    Be Awesome Link Party Week 12 Autumn Featured Pics

    Monday means Be Awesome Link Party time so let’s get right to it! Here are my fabulous co-hosts for the link party: Angie of Echoes of Laughter, Virginia of Fynes Designs, Julie of Sober Julie,  Crystal of Sew Creative, Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the … Continue reading

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    Wordless- Putting Up
    Spicy Pickled Carrots

    To follow along with what we are up to on a day to day basis, follow Sew Creative on Instagram. Tell me… do you can, preserve, or pickle? What kind of things are you putting up this year?

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