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  • Quick and Easy Apple Cinnamon Roll Recipe

    Looking for a quick baked breakfast perfect for a weekend brunch Sew Creative Blog's Quick and Easy Apple Cinnamon Roll Recipe is yummy and easy and fast to make
    I LOVE yeast. The smell of yeasty dough rising in a bowl that gets stronger as you punch it down and knead it…. mmmmmm… it’s one of my favorite scents in the whole wide world. BUT some mornings you just don’t have time to make up a yeast dough! If you are having one of those days, this is the recipe for you.  

    I know that some mornings my family wakes up and the kids are having a hankering for cinnamon rolls but I just don’t have the hours that it takes to make them, and my kids don’t have the patience for it either. This recipe is the perfect way to get around that. The flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, apples and warm dough all come together in this recipe for a cinnamon roll that will have your kiddos licking the pan and begging for more. 

    If you want to do this recipe with a more traditional yeast based dough, follow my dough recipe for my Oooey Gooey Cast Iron Skillet Cinnamon Rolls. For those of you shorter on time, read on. 

    Quick and Easy Apple Cinnamon Roll Recipe


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    Sunday was a tough day for me with the kids, it definitely wasn’t my proudest mommy moment
    Not the bad day in question, but another bad day.

    Not the bad day in question, but another bad day.

    The kids and I had a terrible day on Sunday. All 4 of us have been sick for the past week. It was The Hubs first day back at work, I had a ton of work that I was trying to get caught up on and the kids and I still weren’t at 100% health wise. 

    It was an awful day full of misbehaving, fighting, timeouts, yelling and hurt feelings. When The Hubs got home he took my oldest aside to have a good firm “talking to” with her. After almost half an hour she came to apologize to me. I got down on my knees, looked her in the eyes and burst into tears.

    Just as they hadn’t been at their best when it came to behaving, I had far from my best day as a parent. All I want is to be a good mama to them, but sometimes it so hard. 


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    Top 12 Favorite Recipes Of 2014 from Sew Creative

    The Top 12 Most Viewed Recipe Posts from Sew Creative from 2014

    —-> PIN ME HERE <—-

    I LOVE food. I think about it constantly, love to play with different flavours in the kitchen and one day would love to have a baking cookbook. As I type this I’m right in the middle of a blogger weight loss challenge and am eating a restricted food diet. Even with limited ingredients I’ve been cooking up a storm and exploring all kinds of different recipes (and sharing photos on Instagram).  

    Food is a universal thing that everyone can relate to. We all have to eat, we all get bored eating the same recipes over and over again and food is such a sensory experience that evokes memories.  I was excited to take a peek through the stats from 2014 and see which Sew Creative recipes were your favorite. 

    I would love for you to pin the recipes from this list that  you love so that you can refer back to them easily. 

    Here are the Top 12 Favorite Recipes of 2014 from Sew Creative:


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    From Drab to Fab- Ikea Bekvam Stool Makeover

    Sew Creative Blog's From Drab to Fab- Ikea Bekvam Stool Makeover
    Once upon a time, The Hubs and I bought a Bekvam stool at Ikea. It was cheap, it was functional and it had that nice safe “beech” look that fit in with everything.

    BEKVÄM Step stool, beech
    Years passed– we used that little step stool to reach the high places when painting our first home together, The Hubs brought it outside with him and used it to hang Christmas lights on low eves, I used it in the kitchen while cooking to reach high up places, the kids used it in the bathroom to brush their teeth. Over the years it was covered in paint speckles, footprints, kitchen splatters and toothpaste. It was a functional stool, that got a lot of love, but it had become… well… unsightly!

    Bekvam Ikea Step Stool Before
    What is a creative girl to do when she has a piece of furniture that is functional but no longer fabulous? I decided to be this little stool’s crafty fairy godmother and give it a beautiful makeover… of course! 

    I’ve long admired hand painted stools that I’ve seen on Etsy and at craft shows but haven’t had the expendable budget to buy one. One of the things I’ve come to love about Ikea is that the neutralness of a lot of their furniture is the PERFECT canvas for customization. So I decided to customize our Bekvam Stool myself and give it the facelift it deserves.

    This took me an hour or two over one weekend. It’s so easy that ANYONE could do it. Perfect for the beginner who has the desire for custom handmade furniture but not the skill (like me… hee hee). 

    Here is how you can make one yourself! (more…)

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    I was 10 Years Old When I Started To Hate My Body.
    I Want To Change That.
    Crystal from Sew Creative shares about how she started to hate her body when she was 10 years old and how she hopes to change that.

      I was 10 years old when I started to hate my body… The first time I remember feeling ashamed of my body was when I was 10 years old. It was a warm summer day, school had just ended … Continue reading

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    2 Year Old Turtle Helps Out In the Sew Creative Kitchen #TestDriveMoms
    2 Year Old Turtle Helps Out in the Sew Creative Kitchen! #TestDriveMoms

      This is Turtle. Turtle is 2 years old. He loves helping mommy in the kitchen, walking around the house with no pants on and acting like a monkey. He is in all places at all times. Bouncing on the … Continue reading

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    Bacon Chocolate Chip Scones with Maple and Sea Salt Drizzle Recipe
    Sew Creative's delicous recipe for decadent bacon chocolate chip scones with maple and sea salt drizzle. Perfect for brunch entertaining

    —-> PIN ME HERE <—- Later this week I start my new weight loss program, so today seemed like a VERY good time to share one of my guilty pleasures– Bacon Chocolate Chip Scones!  Before Christmas I took a pork … Continue reading

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    Top 12 Favorite Craft Projects and Tutorials Of 2014 from Sew Creative
    Top 12 Favorite Craft Projects and Tutorials Of 2014 from Sew Creative

    —–> PIN ME <—– 2014 was such a great year! We rolled up our sleeves, did a ton of great craft projects on the blog and you did a ton of great craft projects at home! Really, some might say … Continue reading

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    Reflecting on 2014 and The Family and I Set Our Intentions for 2015
    The Family & I Set Our Intentions For 2015

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing holiday season surrounded by the love of family and friends. My kiddos were home from school and daycare for 2 weeks and I took that time to decompress, … Continue reading

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    Celebrating the holidays with Windy and Friends Appisodes
    Robin and Judith, the creators of Windy and Friends

    I remember being a kid and counting down the days until Christmas. The anticipation grew and grew EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Things got really exciting when school let out for the holidays. I remember chatting with friends about what we hoped … Continue reading

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    Share a cup (or 3) of holiday cheer! Criollo Liquer, Bottle Green Spiced Berry Cordial & Apple Chai Cider
    Share a cup (or 3) of holiday cheer! Criollo Liquer, Bottle Green Spiced Berry Cordial & Apple Chai Cider

    The holidays are all about spending time together with family and loved ones, celebrating and enjoying a cup of holiday cheer! Here are 3 of my favorite beverages to serve at holiday parties. Criollo  The perfect beverage for chocolate lovers, Criollo … Continue reading

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    Twelfth Day Of Christmas- Signature Style from Melow Par Melissa Bolduc and Foxy Jeans
    Sew Creative's Creative Gifts for Creative People Countdown to Christmas Day 12- Signature Style with Melow Par Melissa Buldoc and Foxy Jeans

     Christmas is just around the corner and I’m counting down the days with my favorite gifts for the creative people in your life.  Day 12- Signature Style from Foxy Jeans and Melow Par Melissa Bolduc I LOVE signature pieces of clothing. That … Continue reading

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