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  • Polymer Clay Fingerprint Jewelry Tutorial- Family Charm Bracelet

    Hello Creative Family's Sculpey Polymer Clay Fingerprint Jewelry Tutorial- Family Charm Bracelet. A great handmade Mother's Day or Christmas gift that kids can craft and help make!

    Kiddos grow up so quickly! Over the weekend I lined my two littles up and marked their height on our wall. The Hubs and I were shocked by how much they both have grown in the past few months. Sometimes I wish that I could keep them little forever or at least press pause and enjoy this age for a bit longer. 

    I love doing handprint and footprint art projects with the kids because it helps preserve the memories of how little they are and marks the passage of their growth. 

    Bean in particular is blowing me away lately with how grown up she is. The thoughts and concepts that come out of her head are incredible to me. It also makes me so proud to see her creativity blossom– she is in the middle of writing a chapter book about a time travelling kitten, her artwork grows by leaps and bounds every day and she loves experimenting with new mediums to express her creativity.

    Lately the two of us have been playing with Sculpey clay quite a bit. Last year the two of us made these silk screened pendants together. 

    Silk Screened Preemo Sculpey Pendant Necklace Tutorial. Beautiful yet so easy a 5 year old can make it

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    Cooking With Chef Lynn Crawford Chilled Noodle Salad With Ginger Wasabi Dressing Recipe- Plus Win 1 Year Supply of Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta

    Cooking With Chef Lynn Crawford Chilled Noodle Salad With Ginger Wasabi Dressing Recipe

    Have you ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself “How is this my life? How am I so lucky that THIS is what I get to do for a living?” I have those moments constantly, it’s probably pretty common when you’ve taken that gigantic (scary) leap to follow your passion, professionally. The other night I got a huge dose of “I’m so lucky!”

    Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta

    I was recently invited by Catelli pasta to spend an evening learning about their new Catelli Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta and enjoying a hands on cook class with Food Network Canada star, Chef Lynn Crawford.  

    My initial thoughts when I received my invitation:

    • Absolute elation
    • Followed by big butterflies in the tummy
    • Followed by “Why me? Why am I so lucky?”
    • Followed by pure joy, excitement and the need to call and update all of my family and closest friends…. Seriously. I may have sent a text to my husband saying “YOU NEED TO CALL ME NOW!!! Don’t worry, everyone is fine but BIG EXCITING NEWS!!!”


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    Mommy Monday- Spring Break Is OVER!!!

    Spring Break

    Oh mama!!! Does it make me a bad mommy if I say that I’m so happy that spring break is over? I love, love, love my kids and I love spending quality time with them… but spending quality time while you are ALSO supposed to be working??? Well it just doesn’t mix!

    You may (or may not) have noticed that I didn’t post a single time last week. Not once! A month ago I posted a story about a video that made me cry, and quite frankly feel like a bad mom. The video is all about spending quality time with your kids, undistracted, down on the floor, imaginative, playtime… That’s something that I feel like I don’t have much time for these days, so I decided that during spring break I was going to do just that– I was going to be present. I was going to take my kids to the park EVERY day. I was going to create with them. I was going to cuddle with them, read with them, imagine with them… and I wasn’t going to worry about the stuff that wasn’t getting done.

    You see, I had this realization–

    It’s the moments where I feel split between work life and mom life that cause me to lose my mind!

    I can handle doing “Mom Stuff” when I am not silently counting the million and one work things I’m not getting done for work.

    I’m a super woman at my job… if I’m not feeling “mommy guilt” because I’m not spending enough time with the kiddos. 

    I attended BlogHer last summer and the moment that I keep going back to again and again is when I heard Danielle Smith from Extraordinary Mommy speak. Danielle said that she had been asked how she would want her daughter to remember her when she’s gone. The answer?

    “She did both.”

    Aka she was an extraordinary mother and she did something for a living that she was passionate about. 

    My kids know that I am passionate about my work, so I decided to spend spring break enjoying their company. Work was put on the back burner last week and the 3 of us spent time together– without the distraction of work, without the intrusion of taking photos to use for blog content and without that nagging feeling of “…BUT THERE IS SO MUCH TO GET DONE!!!”

    I was present and I feel really, really good about that. 

    Now Monday is here, spring break is over, I’m back in full swing, and my to do list is a mile long! 

    So tell me… how was your spring break? Were you split in two? Did you have any time to spend one on one with your kids? Are you playing catch up now too???

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    Treasures and Flavors of the Salish Sea in Vancouver at Salt Spring In The City

    Salt Spring In the City

    My family is long overdue for a vacation. I think we’re all a bit burnt out, need to escape from reality for a bit and reconnect as a family. Our last family vacation was the summer that Turtle turned 1 and it was more of a long weekend away with a couple of other families. 

    The mom in me wants to relax on the beach, read a book, make sandcastles and splash in the water. The creative in me wants to be inspired by artists, eat delicious food and witness how people are living a more “Back-To-Basics” lifestyle, living simplistically and creating amazing things they are passionate about.

    Sand Castle

    A photo of Bean and I that was taken during a fabulous family vacation… way too long ago!

    Living in Vancouver we have our choice of incredible vacation options right at our own back door. When I think of my “wants” for our vacation I keep coming back to the same place over and over and again in my head– Salt Spring Island

    Salt Spring Island is known around the world for their amazing cheeses, lavender, bakeries, artisans and their Saturday market. The Hubs and I started looking at availability for vacation properties on the island this summer and the one thing I’ve been the most adamant about is: We must be there for one entire Saturday. We can’t be arriving on Saturday or leaving on Saturday… I don’t want to miss a minute of the market.  (more…)

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    Mommy Monday- Leaping for LeapTV
    Mommy Monday- Leaping over the LeapTV

    My girl is smart, creative, caring and imaginative. Coordination? Not exactly her strong suit. What can I say… she takes after mommy! We encourage Bean to read, write, create and explore her surroundings (do you think we’re a right brained family?)

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    Sew Pretty For Little Girls Giveaway and A Quick & Easy T-Shirt Dress
    Sew Pretty For Little Girls Giveaway and A Quick & Easy T-Shirt Dress

    People often ask me about the name, Sew Creative. I get two questions frequently. 1. Oh! That’s such a cute/clever name! How did you come up with it? 2. Oh! You must sew a lot! I wish I had time … Continue reading

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    Mommy Monday- I Heart Handmade: Bean, Age 6
    Mommy Monday, I heart handmade, Bean Age 6 Sew Creative

      I love, love, love the stage that Bean is at right now. She is 6 years old and she is so much fun. She still loves to hold my hand when we walk to school (even in the hallways). … Continue reading

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    Favorite Things Friday: Fabric Giveaway from Fat Quarter Shop & Milk, Sugar & Flower Fabric Collection
    Win $50 to Fat Quarter Shop with Sew Creative's Favorite Things Friday

    Hi, my name is Crystal Allen and I am a fabric addict. I first became addicted to fabric when I opened my Etsy shop, Lilikoi Lane. During that time I had a cover for my addiction… mom’s were wanting to … Continue reading

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    Back-To-Basics: Raspberry Vanilla Chia Breakfast Pudding Recipe
    Delicious, nutritious and super easy Raspberry Vanilla Chia Breakfast Pudding Recipe from Sew Creative Blog

    Breakfast has never been my friend. My poor mother, struggled the entire time I was growing up trying to figure out what I should eat for breakfast. I’ve never had an appetite in the morning… food just doesn’t sound good … Continue reading

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    Mommy Monday- A Pair of Rough and Tumble Kamik Boots For My Rough And Tumble Boy
    A pair of rough and tumble boots for a rough and tumble boy- Kamik

    I love when traditions I had as a child are adopted by my own kiddos. When I was in my early teens, my Dad bought my mom, sister and me, each a pair of Kamik boots for Christmas. It happened … Continue reading

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    Back-To-Basics: How To Roast Asparagus Without Oil AKA Dry Roasted Asparagus
    If you are watching your weight & trying to load up on veggies and cut out fat, this is the recipe for you. As part of Sew Creative's Back To Basics series she shares how to roast asparagus without oil!

    For the last couple of months I’ve been on a weight loss journey. One phase of the program that I was on had me eating a very low fat diet. I was allowed to have lean meat and fish but … Continue reading

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    40 Day Weight Loss Program Complete… How Much Did I Lose and Now what?
    Crystal from Sew Creative Before and After Polo Weight Loss

    This morning I woke my kids up for school, got them fed, dressed and off to school/daycare and then went for my morning walk. I don’t wear headphones or listen to music while I take my morning walk. It’s my … Continue reading

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